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I am happy to admit that I’m addicted to scrapbooking and have been hooked ever since my husband told me about a little store called Archivers in 2005. My main topics to scrap are our travels across both the US and Europe but I also love to create layouts of my wonderful family. I mainly scrapbook with traditional paper but love to combine digital elements and create hybrid layouts as well. I have also done pure digital scrapbooking and have even designed several digital kits for distribution. I’ve been a member of several creative teams for some wonderful designers and enjoy sharing my creations with everyone.

As we travel across the beautiful North American landscape, I am happy to announce that I will be available for teaching scrapbooking classes in various locations. I am a certified Scrapbook Design & You instructor. I also do scrapbooking for hire which is where I create your scrapbook layouts using your photos and my supplies and techniques.

My style is simple and uncluttered with a focus on the photos, as I’m an avid photographer also. I love large photos on my layouts and using paper, various tools, inks, paints, stamps and my wonderful Cricut machine to help tell my layout’s story. I am always on the lookout for new techniques to use and love teaching new techniques to others. I find inspiration throughout daily life and love using sketches, scrapbook magazines and online galleries for new ideas and techniques.

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